FM RDS Utilities

Live feeds to Big Crowd without a Network?

Analog Radio broadcast, perhaps the only option stands out even today as the last mile connecting medium capable to serve unlimited users in real-time during the emergencies.

Understanding its potential capabilities far beyond the usage of news/music, we are enhancing its possibilities
to a greater dimension where in this can serve a number of use cases to the common man & BoP in India where the Connectivity, Affordability & Skill Gaps still remains a barrier to major part of our population.

Bridging the Sweet spot with the best combination of FM Radio, GPS Navigation, Offline Map & Audio-Visual-Text features on a Smartphone. Moving from the 'audio only' mode towards an enhanced level of experience in using the mobile app with Audio, Text, Visual, Animated & Accurate location indications in a fully offline environment can address a number of our country specific pain points very effectively.

'FM RDS Utilities' is a novel system & architecture which can serve for mass public in addressing a variety of challenges where the Connectivity, Affordability & Skill gap remain the main barriers, especialy for sub-urban and rural population. On the other side, for Govt/authorities enabling & managing the system, this can considerably reduce the Management efforts, Operational costs & Reduced risk of service outage.

FM RDS Utility is capable of serving 12+ use cases for Mass Public as well as for the Government during emergencies as well as at times when the internet connectivity is disrupted due to network congestion or poor coverage at far off-rural outskirts.

The system works based on the in-built FM Radio Receiver in Smartphones by using the RDS feature (Radio Data Service) / Radio Text Service to receive the data over the air being transmitted from a dedicated device (FM RDS Broadcaster) installed on Vehicle or at fixed locations or in the service area of interest.

Users need to plug-in earphones and run the FM RDS Utility App which can instantly receive the live feeds from FM RDS Broadcaster Devices within __km of coverage. The app can perform Text Notifications, Audio & Visual indications, Animated alerts, Geographic location co-ordinates on offline map, thus making it a great utility for both mass public as well as the government.


Tracking & Locating

# Town Buses
# Boats / Ferry
# Ambulance
# Rescue Vehicles
# Garbage Trucks



# Public Notices
# Civilian Alerts
# Local Bodies
# Power & Water
# Weather Update


Secure Messaging

# Police
# Traffic Control
# Marine
# Security
# Law & Order


Disaster Warning

# Disaster Mgmnt
# Dam/Flood Alert
# Big Crowd Alert
# Wildfire Alerts
# Wildlife Alerts

Use case -1

DWBS - Disaster Warning Broadcast System

Disaster Warning & Management

Lack of communication.. 
Lack of Clarity.. 
 Information from multiple sources.. 
Some of the top most reasons leading to chaos during
Disaster Management.

Disrupted coverage / congested mobile networks..
Phones going dead after 12-24 hours..
Rescue operations in low light / night makes..

Radio broadcast (voice) can't give personalized assistance..
Audio messages can't be stored or back tracked effectively..
Disaster Management authorities can't send live updates to all..
Walkie-talkie sets can not serve like one to many..

 DWBS feature in FM RDS Utilities can be an effective solution..

Use case -2 

Traffic De-congestion Strategy for Roads as well as Mobile Networks 



The Roadblock to Socio-Economic & Environmental Prosperity

The Mass Public..

Waiting on the Roadside until the Bus is sighted..

Probably the first & foremost challenge to Common man & Bottom of the Pyramid resulting a new vehicle on-road, every minute!

*6 Lakhs new vehicles!
Total 80+ Lakhs Vehicles!
Bengaluru (2018-19)

Road Infrastructure?

Widening the roads will help in shifting the traffic crowd from one point to the other, where as it may not effectively help in de-congesting the road traffic.

Moreover, infrastructure enhancements often have a time lag effect against the exponential rate that private vehicles population is growing, which nullifies the net results of the efforts.


Socio-Economic & Environmental impact

In a fast growing economy, impaired Public Transport System have a detrimental effect.
Besides, 1000s of vehicle on the road heats up the ambient air & the collective result is really huge especially in metro cities. On top of it CO2, Dust, Noise pollution, non-recyclable solid wastes & chemicals from service stations all together makes it even worse!

Bus Information Systems?

Here is the million-dollar Question -"Where is my Bus?"

Years of evolving internet, mobile technologies, cloud infrastructure & even App based Taxi Services!
But Where is my Bus?

With 6500+ Buses, 80+ Crore & 4 Years -  Reports on BMTC's Intelligent Transport System

Years of evolving internet, mobile technologies, network density, cloud infrastructure and now App based cab services everywhere! 

Is there a way to locate my Bus?

Tracking a Cab vs Bus is a unique challenge!


In App based cab services, each user booking the cab through the App makes an exclusive connection with the server setup by the cab service provider. The app sends repeated requests asking the for GPS live feed to the server & gets the live updates on the map. This process continues until the trip is completed or network gets lost.

When the same model as above is deployed on Town Buses, 1000s of Mass Commuters accessing the server for the GPS live feed from 100s of Buses will likely see App crash or server no response, especially during the peak hours.

In crowded metro cities, especially during the peak hours, such technical models are likely to face capacity crunch & repeated connection outages, as a result, the net results of the whole efforts in implementation, time, capex & opex might turnout very disappointing. Moreover, the other possibilities like accumulated latencies of gateways, firewalls and data /traffic management priorities of the operators or ISP could also lead to the disappointment of mass commuters.


Find your Bus as simple as tuning to FM Music!

eeZeeBUS is completely a standalone system which doesn't require any network / connected infrastructure. It utilizes the in-built FM Receiver available in Smartphones to get the GPS Live feeds from the  VMU (Vehicle Mount Unit) installed on every Buses. 

eeZeeBUS VMU receives the geographic co-ordinates to the accuracy of <5m and the data is broadcasted over an approved channel dedicate for the service. The beacons in short intervals are encoded with latitude, longitude and Bus ID and sent over the RDS / RBDS service with an adaptive coverage from 100m up to 15km in order to provide at least 30 min alert to the commuters ahead of the time of arrival to the nearest Bus shelter.

eeZeeBUS Mobile App (Offline app) installed on Smartphones tunes the in-built FM Radio receiver to get the GPS Live feeds from the Buses to indicate the live running status on offline route map, all in one touch there by making the Bus tracking very simple to less skilled users.


Conceptual (2 min)


Functional Demonstration (2 min)


Emergency Messaging (2 min)

IESA Makeathon 2018
* Golden Ticket Winner
* Grand Finale Finalist

NASSCOM Tech4Good Summit
* Winner (2019)
* Disaster Warning Broadcast System

Showcase: Indian Navy Day Celebrations 2019
* At Navy House
* Commendations by Indian Navy


Reports on BMTC's ITS (Intelligent Transport System)

09 Jun, 2019    The Times of India                    Bengaluru traffic snarls force BMTC to slash trips

18 May, 2019    Deccan Chronicle                      Bengaluru: BMTC’s GPS system still not on track

12 May, 2019    The Times of India                    BMTC website updated, but no real-time bus data available

14 Feb, 2019    Deccan Herald                            Delay in open data policy: Bugs plague BMTC app

26 Jan, 2019    The New Indian Express           BMTC's update for app draws users’ ire

12 Jan, 2019    The Times of India                    GPS in public transport: A plan that’s going nowhere

03 Jul, 2018    The New Indian Express            Commuters struggle as BMTC app goes haywire

14 Jun, 2018    ETtech - Economic Times        Why BMTC app has become unreliable

14 Jun, 2018    The Economic Times                Like Bengaluru buses BMTC app is also unreliable

30 Apr, 2018    The Times of India                     BMTC unwilling to share real-time data on bus trips

30 Apr, 2018    The Times of India                     Glitches prompt BMTC to revamp mobile app

20 Apr, 2018    The Times of India                     GPS without real-time tracking useless: Experts

20 Apr, 2018    The Times of India                     BMTC lost 1.5 lakh km a day in 5 years due to traffic snarls

21 Dec, 2017    The Economic Times                BMTC to display real-time data on buses at stations

25 Oct, 2017    Citizen Matters                           Is Bengaluru’s bus system an intelligence failure?

24 Oct 2017    Deccan Chronicle                       BMTC baffled by intelligent transport

07 Set, 2017    Hindustan Times                       Delhi’s transport body can’t track its 4,000 buses as GPS devices are out of order

24 May, 2017    Citizen Matters                         One year later, BMTC’s updated ITS continues to disappoint

25 May, 2016    The Economic Times               Bengaluru: BMTC flags off intelligent transport system in low-key manner


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