FM RDS Utilities

FM Radio, Beyond the Last mile...

Can we,
Locate a Bus without the internet?
Get live news updates without the internet?
Survive when the mobile networks are down?

Yes, We Made it Possible!  

FM Radio in mobile phone works as the medium to receive the data.
It's real-time and can provide live feeds to 'practically unlimited' users!

  • Live Tracking the Public Transport on Land or Water
  • No network/server data congestion. Live Broadcast
  • e-Governance, Disaster Management, Secure Messaging
  • Over 20 use cases addressing socially relevant pain points
  • No cost to the end user..
  • Works without Internet or any mobile networks
  • Live feeds - Text, GPS, Audible alerts, Animated indicators on map
  • It can serve 'practically unlimited' users
  • Secure NavIC Message forwarding
  • FM is real-time, even on low cost handsets
  • Low power, more standby time during emergencies.
  • Last mile connectivity, beyond what was possible!
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Live-feeds to Big Crowd?
Unlimited Users?
Without any Networks?
Live & in Real-time?


FM RDS Utilities...

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Mobirise Website Builder

Solving Connectivity, Affordability & Skill Gaps for rural India.

FM RDS Utilities comprises of a novel hardware (FM RDS Broadcaster) and Mobile Application (FM RDS Utilities). It uses the in-built FM Receiver in Smartphones as the communication medium to receive the live feeds broadcasted by the FM RDS Broadcaster. In the event of disasters/emergencies where the mobile networks/power outages happen, perhaps the Terrestrial Radio Broadcast still remains as the last mile option to reach unlimited users for live updates.

Although this is just one way communication (FM RDS Broadcaster > Smartphones), it can yet solve over 20 socially relevant pain points for the mass crowd as well as for the government. We are bringing more indigenization by integrating Bhuvan map & NavIC location with message forwarding feature.

Understanding the potential advantages of FM RDS over cellular network in serving unlimited users in real-time, we are enhancing it's possibilities to a greater dimension by bridging the sweet spots of FM RDS, Mobile App, Offline Map and GPS!

Yes, we're pushing the FM Receiver's capabilities from merely an 'audio only' feature towards an enhanced level of experience by integrating with mobile app for receiving Audio alerts, Text messages, Visual, Animated & Accurate location indications in a fully offline environment.

'FM RDS Utilities' is a novel system & architecture which can serve for mass public in addressing a variety of challenges where the Connectivity, Affordability & Skill gap remain the main barriers, especially for sub-urban and rural population.

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Disaster Warning Broadcast System (DWBS)

Some of the top most reasons leading to panic & chaos during rescue operations.
Lack of communication..
Lack of Clarity..
Information from multiple sources..

On the other side,
Disrupted coverage / congested mobile networks..
Phones going dead after 12-24 hours..
Rescue operations in low light / night conditions..

DWBS Feature in FM RDS Utilities can be the most effective medium for broadcasting live updates in a visually interactive mode to every victim/survivors who have no way to know what might be happening around them.

DWBS feature enables the rescue operations team to send live updates and provide the helpful instructions to everyone over the air to longer distances without depending any other resources.


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